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July 29, 2019

I’m Catherine.
A New Orleans based wedding photographer and educator. We are excited you are here and cannot wait to connect with you!.
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Managing clients and keeping track of ALL the things: contracts, payments, invoices, tasks, contact information and so much more is a huge undertaking. Especially with photography, things like dates, times, and lists are SUPER important. With hundreds of clients, I needed a system that I could rely on.

And in full disclosure, I switched from Shootq to Dubsado after being with them for 10+ years, even paying the one time large lump sum to push the platform to a newer look/system. But after the update, I knew it had missed the mark for the needs of my business. I had a few requirements that I was looking for:

  • I wanted something user friendly
  • Quick to learn and easy to understand
  • A system that was established (i.e.: without glitches)
  • Something with excellent customer service
  • A pricing structure that was affordable
  • Mobile friendly interface
  • Templates, emails, and layouts that are beautiful

If you have heard of the enneagram test, I am a Type 6: The Loyalist. So, when I was considering moving from my CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system of 10+ plus years, Shootq, I was really nervous.

In the spring of this year, I moved more than 10 years of clients from Shootq to Dubsado, and I am so glad I did. If you have a small business, listen up: Dubsado will change the way you work for the better! It brings me joy just thinking about it! Here are 5 reasons why I’m happy I switched, and switching is not something I took lightly due to the amount of work I knew we’d have ahead. But I can honestly say it was 100%…no 120% worth it!


If you are nervous about switching or even diving into a program for the first time, the Dubsado Help Center takes you through the setup step by step. You can schedule webinars or 1:1 calls for more specific questions as well. But sometimes, there is just a tiny question you need a quick answer to. As quickly as you could text your friend, you can chat with Dubsado customer service! They are so responsive, helpful, and friendly (always accepting suggestions as well)! This is huge for me as I pride my own business on Customer Service; this quality goes such a LONG way in my book.


Shootq was out of date for the longest time. And because I wasn’t happy with the new update, I was looking for something that matched my brand! In Dubsado, I am able to add my logo to all forms as well as build proposals, questionnaires, and contracts using my photos, brand colors and fonts. I get super excited when an email goes out now, knowing what my clients receive reflects my business. Plus, the site is super user friendly, so creating them was easy. With Shootq, I was tied to an app that only serviced a percentage of my needs. With Dubsado, I can answer emails, send contracts, etc. from my phone anywhere…and that is a GAME changer!


Before, I had to create one in my CRM software and then recreate it in Quickbooks. I love that with Dubsado I can connect invoices and payments with Quickbooks automatically (no extra work on the backend). It is already saving me time and so many headaches. You know….taxes! lol It also integrates with payment services like PayPal and Stripe, so my clients now have the option to pay online (just a tip: use Stripe as it utilizes ACH payments with max fees of $5!) ßagain, HUGE for the business with online payments being so desired now! I can see everything on my Dubsado calendar on my phone or computer and receive and send emails from Dubsado because of its integration with G Suite. It’s not a one stop shop for everything, but it has helped me cancel a few other subscriptions including Calendly for scheduling appointments and Boomerang for scheduling emails.


Do you know you always need to send a client a questionnaire before a session or appointment or a follow-up email afterward? Dubsado can do it for you automatically. (So efficient!) I was definitely utilizing Shootq for its workflow features before, but the automation in Dubsado is super easy to understand and to setup. Within a day or two I felt like I fully understood everything and was super pumped to know that so many small reminders and task emails were being taken care of automatically for my clients.


Dubsado’s owners and developers are all one in the same…I didn’t understand the value of this at first until I started to noticed the speed at which things were updated! In other words, if the owner wants to change something, they can literally do it themselves! Their team is constantly working to improve the program, even in simple ways. They embrace customer feedback, make changes quickly, and don’t over complicate anything! In addition, they always keep us in the loop on updates to show its continued progress and desire for betterment. Just like you and me!

If you have ANY questions about Dubsado at all, please don’t hesitate to email me :

Being a type 6 “Loyalist” … and also a super honest, open educator in the photo industry, I am more than happy to share the programs and companies I love and the mistakes I’ve made.

If you are looking to sign up with Dubsado, NOW is the time!!! And using my link below you can get an additional 20% off your annual monthly subscription!!  

You can use the code: catherineg or click HERE to access the 20% off discount at checkout.

SO SO happy that you’re considering this program! <3 Clearly, I’m obsessed.

If you found this content helpful or useful, please consider using my code: catherineg or clicking the link below as a way of helping me as an affiliate continue to provide good content for readers like you! I only ever share companies and products that I use and believe in in an effort to help all of you!!

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