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September 29, 2010

Strong for One Another

She’s bright & loves to laugh. When she smiles, little wrinkles form around her face as she relaxes in his arms. Traveling to Natchitoches this past weekend, I didn’t know what to expect. I usually meet with a couple before we decide to work together. But being that they lived so far away, this situation was unique. After the session, I walked away knowing that I now have two amazing people in my life.

Dustin & Gretchen met 5 years ago on the small and quant campus of Northwestern University. Dustin was a sophomore in college & youth minister at the church; Gretchen was smart beyond her years, attending Louisiana School for her Junior & Senior Year. He makes her laugh, he’s witty, and keeps the mood light. They lean on each other, and they’re strong for one another through good times and bad.

Three months ago, Dustin was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. And had Gretchen not shared this with me after the session, I never would have known. The news was hard to take in and left her in tears for days straight. He had the right side of his thyroid removed before having to remove the rest due to other cancer spots. But thankfully, his most recent set of testing showed that he would not need treatment because the cancer is not spreading.

Gretchen said to me, “This doesn’t define our relationship. It did change us as a couple, and we are so much stronger for it.” I got goosebumps. And it’s true; the hardships, even in my relationship with Brad are what make it stronger. And the fact that they can get through this together and continue to keep the chemistry they have blows me away.

Gretchen and Dustin were vulnerable from the start of the session and I think that really allowed me to jump right in and capture their relationship.

They are one of the most relaxed couples when together. They have different personalities but balance each other quite well.

Gretchen, you look beautiful! I can’t wait for your bridals.

Gretchen and I talked a bit about her ring; Dustin great job! 😉 I love the simplicity of the ring. Just gorgeous…

Right on the edge of the campus, there’s a river. This is where Dustin & Gretchen walk their 1 & 3 yr old dogs: a Maltese and Dotson.

This is my personal favorite! We really did laugh a ton this weekend.

And despite our concerns about the wearther, the lighting and the weather conditions were great!

So adorable..

Maybe the word I’m looking for is confidence; there is a certain sense of confidence about them as individuals and as a couple.

Dustin was such a gentleman throughout the entire day; thanks for being so considerate. 😉

I love that they were up for anything….really, anything. Sometimes, before I could even ask, they were already asking! 🙂 I love that.

When they started dating, they really did dance on Front Street right near the bridge and main spot for the Festival of Lights. 🙂 We had fun fighting the traffic to get this shot. lol…

Dustin & Gretchen, Thank you thank you thank you. I appreciate your sincerity and your vulnerability. I feel like we’ve begun to establish the perfect relationship to allow me the privelege of capturing you. And I’m so thrilled to be a part of this process. I hope you enjoy this sneak preview into your gallery. I’ll be in touch soon.


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