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Why You Need to Try Artificial Intelligence Photo Editing

February 8, 2023

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You might hear the term “artificial intelligence” and think, “Okay Cat, this is wild and futuristic, I don’t know about this.” 🤖

That’s how I felt, too! When I heard there was now the option to use artificial intelligence to edit photos, I wasn’t sure what to think. But I can tell you now that it has saved us a TON of time. In this video, I’m sharing why and how we use AI to assist us in our editing process. 

As a side note, I have no affiliation with Imagen AI. I only recommend technology I really love (like Voxer a few posts ago!). I had a friend recommend Imagen AI to me and I was blown away – so I HAD to share!

Personalized Artificial Intelligence Photo Editing with Imagen AI

The program we’re using for artificial intelligence photo editing is called Imagen AI. This program uses the history of your edits and your edit preferences to build a profile for you. It then uses that profile to edit your photos in the future. In addition to this, it will even crop and straighten for you. 🤯

When I first started using Imagen AI, I found our previous Lightroom catalogs and uploaded them into the software. I uploaded 5,000 images – which is a handful of sessions and weddings, since we average 700-900 images per wedding. Once we did that, Imagen AI analyzed how we edited with a variety of lighting conditions and skin tones. 

As I continue to use the software, once they send me back a wedding, I’ll tweak the photos until they’re perfect. The software will then continue to refine my editing profile based on my edits, and get closer to my style the longer we work together! Crazy, right?!
If you decide to try Imagen AI, I highly recommend using wedding edits, rather than a session with only outdoor lighting or only studio lighting. That way, the program can really understand how you approach editing.

Wait, Cat… Isn’t that just a preset?

Nope. Unlike a preset, which is essentially just a blank edit that applies the same way over and over, Imagen AI actually learns how to edit in different lighting conditions. 

This has been the biggest help for us in our editing. We have a set style that we use in all of our photos, and now that the software understands that, it’s able to get pretty close to how we actually edit. 😲
That’s the thing I was most blown away by. If you’re wondering if the software is REALLY that good… it is!

Faster Sneak Peek Turnaround

After we photograph a wedding, we back up the photos and I immediately put together a sneak peek for the client. This can be anywhere from 5 to 100 photos, depending on the wedding and if we’re in the middle of our busy season.

This used to take me an hour to an hour and a half to edit those sneak peek photos… and I’m a pretty quick editor. 😉 But now, I can run those photos through Imagen AI and in 3 minutes max, I have those edits back. 

From there, I’ve got a great start to my edits. I can then hop back into Lightroom and refine the edits. It gives me a good baseline to start with and saves me SO much time. ⏰

Faster Than Outsourcing to an Editor

Whenever I was outsourcing my edits to an editor, we would wait a few weeks for our photos. That’s just how it is – it’s unfair to expect an editor to turn hundreds of images around in a few hours because they have a full roster of their own clients.
Now, once the images are culled, we can upload it into Imagen AI and get everything ready for us to tweak in a matter of minutes. It’s insane how fast the process works!

Cheaper Than Outsourcing to an Editor

We also used to pay several hundred dollars per wedding to outsource to an editor. Honestly, I was okay with this at the time. It was the industry standard and what I expected to pay. 🤷🏼‍♀️

But now, Imagen AI charges a fraction of the cost. We pay between $50-100 per wedding (check out the specific pricing here) and they even offer subscription packages for a discount!

We pay as we go. Collectively for the year, using Imagen AI has saved us thousands per year. 

Are you more of a visual person? Be sure to check out the video where I do a screen share to show you EXACTLY how Imagen AI works!

Your Next Steps

Before you photograph your next wedding, you need a refresh of your go-to poses!

Do you ever feel stuck or nervous trying to come up with poses on the spot? Or maybe you use the same poses over and over and need something new.

I’ve been there… and now I’m sharing what I’ve learned to help you! My Posing Guide below will allow you to:

  • Build confidence so your clients know EXACTLY what to do
  • Have “go-to” poses to create consistent, strong images
  • Never feel stuck or on-the-spot – you’ll have a posing flow!

Check out the Posing Guide below. ⤵️

Posing Guide
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