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Amelia’s Proposal + Pensacola Beach Engagements

February 12, 2014

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Over the past few years, I’ve listened as couples described their magical proposal; and for each couple I share their story as I draft their engagement post.

As I’m preparing to share this engagement story, I feel so different knowing I’m about to share a moment I witnessed first hand. For those of you who don’t know Amelia, she’s not only my second shooter, having photographed nearly every wedding with me over the past 2.5 years, but she’s also one of my very best friends.

So, when her boyfriend Jeremy approached me several weeks ago about his plan to propose I could barely contain my excitement. As the weeks rolled by, Amelia expressed her anxiousness about getting engaged and her readiness to begin their lives together. I continued to keep my cool as she and I chatted about her ideas for the future…all the while knowing that her proposal was just around the corner.

This past weekend…the time for that day came.

Amelia and I traveled to Pensacola Beach for Rachel + TJ’s wedding, but what Amelia didn’t know was what would go on after the wedding. Friday night was the rehearsal dinner, and Saturday the Loehn’s lovely wedding! On Sunday, I casually mentioned to Amelia that Rachel’s mom (the mother of the bride) wanted to take us to dinner. <—which was all part of Jeremy’s proposal plan.

That day Jeremy was sending Amelia photos of he and their dog Milo “while they hung out at home” (back in Louisiana). Meanwhile he was actually making his way to Florida. So, when Amelia and I arrived to the Grand Marlin Oyster Bar in Pensacola Beach, it was moments after Jeremy had gotten tucked away in his hiding spot.

Amelia and I walked in, I asked to be seated at our table, reservation for “Kathy” (mother of the bride),….and we were taken to the back of the restaurant in a curtained off private area overlooking the sunset.

{Amelia has always told Jeremy that when he proposed, she wanted me there to photograph it….which shouldn’t have been hard for him considering that we’re always together.}

So, just as we placed our drink orders, I took my camera out to “snap a photo of the restaurant” (which is totally believable considering the fact that I always have my camera.)

And Amelia got her wish of footage from her proposal because here’s a video of the moments that followed:::

Moments after the proposal ended, I grabbed this photo on the left. I think everyone deserves this image: tears in their eyes and so incredibly elated by the occasion. On the right is a drawing I gifted to this newly engaged couple 🙂 🙂 : a watercolor creation by Ariel of Newspaper Balloon (something I KNEW Amelia would love)


Brad was also able to make the trip to Pensacola Beach which made the proposal even that much more fun. As the sun set over the horizon, we had cocktails and celebrated the wonderful occasion!

That next morning Amelia asked if I would be open to photographing a few images of she and Jeremy on the beach. She wanted to remember this time and this place. So, we walked across from the Portofino Island Resort (the location for the wedding) and spent a few minutes on the beach. See below:::


Congratulations Amelia & Jeremy!

It was an honor being a part of your proposal and I’m SO SO SO happy for you two. I’ve seen your relationship grow as Amelia + I’s friendship has grown and I’m so glad that you are now officially committed to spending your lives together.

I look forward to experiencing all the planning and adventures that your engagement will bring and I hope to be a help in every way I can.

I love you both! <3


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