February 11, 2014

LEDA Luncheon

When Anne of LEDA contacted me to speak at this month’s LEDA luncheon, I was already sweating. The idea of speaking publicly is something that makes me INCREDIBLY nervous. I’ve made it a goal of mine this year to put myself out there more…but I’ll be honest it hasn’t been easy.

My entire life, I’ve been described as outgoing, friendly, and I KNOW that I’m great one-on-one. Even at a wedding I can speak to a large family or bridal party, organize and interact with them, NO problem. But standing up to present a topic for a long period of time is a different story!

After speaking at BRI’s booth in Phoenix last month about marketing and running a debt-free business, I’ve started to get more comfortable with the idea but it’s still SO scary!

Despite my nervousness, I made it through and really enjoyed speaking to this group about one thing I AM confident it: organizing a business. Thanks so much to LEDA for having me as their guest speaker this month. It was really great meeting so many wonderful business owners and leaders in the area. Everyone was so welcoming and kind and I actually….enjoyed it (well, when it was over at least). 🙂

Below is a photo that my office assistant, Haylei, grabbed of me while I was speaking. I wish she would have told me to keep the duck faces to myself, though. LOL

Have a wonderful Monday!