This is both my online business and personal journal where I share all of my photography and business projects! Allow me to introduce myself...I am Catherine Guidry, a Louisiana wedding photographer. I am passionate about documenting life but more it! <3 My favorite things to do are bike ride with my husband and brainstorm new creative projects!  I am all about meeting new friends and can't wait to meet you!  

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I recently had the honor and privilege of traveling to Ventura to visit Elizabeth Messina’s portrait studio. I have been a fan of Elizabeth and her work for many, many years now. Her work exudes an emotion that I have not seen from anyone else and a style that is very unique.

I signed up for her workshop titled “The Female Portrait” in order to give myself the opportunity to see her work. I wanted to get a feel of the space she’s shooting in, the light, what music she listens to (if any), how she speaks to her subject, etc. And that’s exactly what I did!

She did such a great job of allowing us to observe but also participate..and she was SO hospitable. When we arrived (there were 10 of us total), she welcomed us with a lovely display of lemonade and snacks. We were welcomed into her home and her studio and I am so grateful for the knowledge gained.

Below are a few photos that I took while there…and one taken right at the end by my fellow attendee, Jackie! Enjoy! <3

Elizabeth Messina: The Female Portrait

November 18, 2018