January 10, 2014

Goal Making on Val Marie Paper

It’s a fresh start to a 2014 and it seems like everyone is in the position of goal setting (and hopefully goal achieving). 🙂 When Val of Val Marie Paper asked me to put together a post for the New Year, I knew this was the topic I wanted to focus on.

I’m also in the process of setting and achieving a few goals of my own. And I am hoping to inspire others as well!

If you’d like to check out the post, I’ve blogged on her page about the ways in which I like to set and achieve my goals…including :::

*Taking Time to THINK

*Writing Them Down

*Making a Plan

*Tracking Your Time

*Having Someone Hold You Accountable

*Rewarding Yourself

*and…Making Deadlines for your Deadlines!

Feel free to checkout the post by either clicking HERE or on the image below!!!

Catherine Guidry and Val Marie Paper


Cheers to achieiving your goals!