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010: Katherine Freeman – Trusting Creative Intuition and Overcoming Fears

October 26, 2017

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I have been so lucky to know Katherine, a successful and unique abstract artist! She is so talented with a variety of mediums including oil, watercolor, pencil and charcoal, but her favorite is when she mixes mediums! I feel so drawn to her amazing work and feel like if I could put my happiest feelings into a painting it would look like her art! Today Katherine shares how she turned her passion and hobby into her career.


  • What inspired Katherine to become an artist?
  • Commission Work vs. Personal Work?
  • What inspires a creative space?
  • How to brand yourself?
  • What mistakes to avoid when starting out?
  • What inspires a color palette?
  • What makes a piece unsuccessful?
  • What are some words of encouragement for those beginning their career?

What inspired Katherine to become and artist?
As Katherine was growing up, she really enjoyed doing all sorts of creative activities and was constantly doing crafts with her mom. She studied studio art as her college minor. But the fear of never being able to make a living off of her art, she also worked in real estate. Painting was always a therapeutic and creative outlet for Katherine, and she really just considered it a hobby. One thing lead to another, and eventually Katherine was able to turn her favorite hobby into her full-time job.

Commission work vs. Personal Work?
While Katherine loves working with clients one-on-one to create something they love, she really enjoys creating something personal and unique that she is inspired by. It is important to Katherine to set aside time for her personal work because these are the pieces that keep her constantly inspired and make her art fun. Your personal work can also help influence commission pieces because they will follow in line with they style you really love.

What inspires a creative space?
I was obsessed with Katherine’s studio before she and her husband moved to Texas, and I know she was so sad to leave it. Her studio was truly her happy place, a place where she enjoyed a cup of coffee each morning and even loved having friends over to visit. After her move, she realized that she can take any space and turn it into a creative and inspiring workspace. Katherine’s studio now is a shed in her backyard that she completely renovated to become her new workspace, complete with all white walls and as many windows as possible.

How to brand yourself…..
When Katherine was first starting out on her journey as an artist, Instagram really helped her! In the beginning, Katherine felt so intimidated and vulnerable by creating something and putting it out there on social media. But, it is always best to start small where you feel comfortable and build up from there. An important point to remember is to be consistent with your work so when people do see it, they know it is something you have created. As you are starting out, do not doubt yourself and always go for it! And never be afraid to hear the word “No”!

What are some mistakes to avoid when starting out?
When Katherine was just starting her career and beginning to put her work out there, she really struggled with doubting herself. She regrets all the time she spent comparing her art to other artists’ work. Over time, Katherine realized that it is more important to stay true to yourself and understand that you must start small, rather than to compare yourself to others who have been in the industry much longer.

What inspires a color palette?
Katherine loves to take pictures of things that inspire her while she is traveling. When she gets home, she prints the pictures out and hangs them in the studio. She also cuts out images from magazines that have amazing color palettes and mixes and matches the photos and cut-outs until she finds a palette that works on paper! When Katherine looks at her work and she really likes how it looks, it encourages her to continue to keep going. It is so important that you like your work and keep doing something you are interested in. When it comes to your work, follow your heart and trust your gut because this is what makes a good artist!

What makes an art piece “unsuccessful?”
In the process of completing a painting, every artist gets to the point of wondering, “Is this painting complete?” When Katherine reaches this point, she hangs the piece in her living room. Each time she walks in the room, she sees the painting again for the first time….then decides if it could use some final touches!  If she does not love the piece, she will start from scratch! If she would not hang the piece in her own home, she would not sell it to anyone else either.

Words of wisdom:
When you are in your twenties and trying to figure out what you want to do.. find what you are passionate about and do not be afraid to pursue it. When first starting out, Katherine walked into a shop in Atlanta and asked if they would be interested in working with her. Although this was terrifying, the shop agreed to feature her work! It was that moment that gave her the courage to pursue her passion as an artist. Katherine never thought that her hobby would become her career.

Do not be scared of failing, the sky is the limit when you are doing something you are passionate about!!

Website: www.kforiginalart.com
Instagram: @kforiginalart

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