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January 20, 2014

ONA Bag Review: Chelsea

The very first post on my blog in December of 2011 was about my Kelly Moore Classic Bag. That bag took me through the next two years…every wedding and session from the moment I bought it! It was perfect due to it’s size and structure. Since the classic bag, I purchased and use the Chapel bag (for my laptop) and the Posey Bag (as a purse). But when my black classic bag saw the end of it’s lifespan and Kelly Moore Bag discontinued the black version of the Class Bag….I set out on a hunt for a new option. I’m still a huge fan of Kelly Moore Bags…I just needed something that would better fit my needs for a wedding day bag.

….That’s when I found the Ona: Chelsea. I’m pretty picky when it comes to what I’m shooting with…so I thought it’d be fun today to blog about all the things I like about this bag in the case that some else is searching for a wedding day bag as well!

The Color: Being a wedding photographer, I feel it’s important to blend in. I believe the wedding is for the couple and I am there to support that idea. I choose to wear dark colors in an effort to be invisible and a part of the day rather than the focus. Although colorful bags are perfect and fun for sessions I wanted a black bag to match my black suits and dresses I wear on the wedding day!

The Structure: Carrying a heavy bag can be exhausting and cumbersome so I often find myself setting my bag down. I knew when searching for a camera bag that I needed something with structure that allowed the bag to sit up tall when I set it down.

The Size: After initially placing an order for the Ona Brooklyn Bag, I realized that my camera wouldn’t fit. I currently photograph weddings with a Nikon D3s (the older version of the D4), and with it’s large body size plus a 24-70 or 70-200 attached, I needed a bag wide enough to hold the gear.

The Look: I’m in LOVE with the way this bag looks. It’s sleek, and modern..and most definitely looks good with everyday wear. If I’m out and about on a non-wedding day, I don’t feel uncomfortable bringing my camera bag along. I recently traveled to Phoenix for Imaging USA  and I took my Ona Bag with me everywhere. I don’t think anyone would have guessed it was a camera bag unless they were already familiar with the brand.

The Dual Straps: In the photo below of me shooting, you’ll see that I am wearing the bag cross body with a long, messenger strap. However, since that photo was taken I’ve adopted using the shorter straps. I’m able to better reach the gear inside when switching lenses and it also gives more support for when I’m holding it.

 The Detail: The detail on this bag is something to be admired. The gold metal connections are really beautiful, and I appreciate the small metal feet on the bottom to prevent the bag from damaging over time. Be careful, though, when using the messenger strap clasp because it’s slipped off the hook a few times for me when I’m lifting the bag out of my vehicle!

The Padding: The padding in the bag is incredible; it’s thick and sturdy and I foresee it lasting. I like that there’s enough slots for my camera, 70-200 and a flash….plus a larger slot inside for mints, my phone, memory cards, etc. The padding has not lost it’s form yet AT ALL…and I’ve been carrying this bag now for a few months.

As you can see I’m enjoying this bag!

This is not a sponsored post…I simply feel it’s good to share when I find a good product! If you have any questions feel free to comment below! Happy Monday!



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