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June 15, 2011 Now accessible via IPHONE and IPAD!!! :) :)

When I first began thinking of redesigning my website the primary reason was because my old website through bludomain was flash-based and not accessible via mobile phones or ipads. I’m a prime example of someone who spends about 50% of my day on my computer and the other 50% on my iphone….and then I go to sleep. 😉

I came across Friend of A Friend, and decided early on they were who I wanted to design my new site; however, they specialize in flash-based sites. I thought LONG and HARD and eventually decided that I had my blog for HTML users, so having another Flash based site wasn’t a terrible idea.

As soon as I released my new website, a friend of mine and fellow photographer Jason pointed out that he wasn’t able to view my site. He was reading my post on twitter from his iphone and wasn’t able to click over. I knew immediately that I had to go back to my original game plan and find a compromise. Shaheen (my web designer) had the perfect solution. He wanted to create a “mini-site” that’s iphone friend and a small site for ipad as well. Being that most of my clients find me online from their computer and don’t want to spend a vast amount of time flipping through images on their phone, I felt this was the perfect compromise!!!

I am very pleased with both the ipad and the iphone version of my site. **PLEASE NOTE:** If you are at a computer, you are still able to access the sites via these links, but note that they are intended for viewing on a mobile phone or an ipad so they may look funny. If you are reading my blog from your phone….CLICK AWAY!!!! 🙂

I want to send a huge thank you to Shaheen for finding the perfect way to take everything that I wanted from the beginning and make it possible. My clients and potential clients now have a website that I am pleased with as well as the means to access my work from iphones and ipads. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am a happy lady today. This is a shot of the iphone site:

And although this image was taken as a screen shot from my iphone, this is a shot of the ipad version. [I’m not cool enough to have an ipad yet] 🙂 🙂

It’s amazing how much business has revolutionized over the years. I was just saying today how crazy it is that I now communicate via email, twitter, facebook, phone, and text!!!! Insane.

If you have your own business, is your site mobile friendly and would you consider having a mirror site that allows for this?

Live Simply, Love Freely,


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